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 Meet Naples, the magical city where history and culture are intertwined with mouth-watering flavors and exciting activities. Explore the cemetery of skulls within the Fontanelle cemetery or the lost city of Pompeii first hand – or spice things up and add on a day trip of pure adventure by exploring the famous volcano Vesuvio or the beautiful island of Capri. Discover the lost tunnels of Naples and witness the true soul of the city throughout the ages, and then explore the bars, restaurants and vivid nightlife in the evening to find your true soul. Castles, museums and churches add to the picturesque and old-world feeling of this city. You are officially invited to come and discover the wonderful jewel that is Naples.

Euro, €1 = 100 cents

Emergency: 113
Carabinieri (Police): 112
Vigili del fuoco (Fire Brigade): 115
Ambulanza (Ambulance): 118

Il Mattino
Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno
Il Giornale di Napoli
La Repubblica
Corriere della Sera
La Stampa
Il Sole24ore

Shops are usually open from 10am-1.30pm and between 4.30pm-8pm. Larger shops are normally open continuously during the day. Shops are open on Sundays at their own discretion.


Tourist Information
Piazza del Gesù, 7, Naples
+39 081 551 2701
Via San Carlo, 9, Naples
+39 081 402 394

The City

The historic city of Naples was founded about 3,000 years ago as Partenope by Greek merchants. Later, the settlement took the name of Palepolis, the old city, and in 475 BC it became Neapolis, the new city. Under various phases of foreign rule, the city developed and grew and then became the capital of the most important of the pre-unification states, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The rulers of that Kingdom, the Bourbons, constructed a magnificent palace in nearby Caserta and filled the city with historic structures of all kind.

Do & See

The historic centre of Naples with its splendid palaces, and popular and lively working-class districts, is now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Naples also boasts an underground city, as well as its famous views from all parts of the city. Moreover, this hospitable city is marked by contrasts and popular traditions, such as the annual miracle whereby San Gennaro’s ‘blood’ becomes liquid in front of the eyes of his followers. Two products have made Naples famous throughout the world. One of them is the pizza, which is only one part of a rich local cuisine. The other one is music with the famous popular song "O Sole Mio."

Segway Italy Tours

Museum of Capodimonte

Castel Nuovo

Castel dell'Ovo

The Basilica of Saint Clare

Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore

Church Of San Gregorio Armeno

Church Of Gesù Nuovo

National Archeological Museum

Duomo di Napoli

The Royal Palace

Museo Cappella Sansevero

Fontanelle Cemetery

Teatro di San Carlo

San Gregorio Armeno


Pausilypon Archaeological Park

Saint Giovanni in Carbonara

See Amalfi Coast

Bourbon Tunnel


Neapolitans believe that their cuisine is among the best in the world. If it is you can judge for yourself after trying a REAL pizza, different kinds of pasta made with tomato sauce, meat sauce, fish or the typical cakes called babà and sfogliatella. While here, you should not worry too much about your weight. The Neapolitan cuisine is made of “poor” ingredients such as oil, pecorino cheese, tomato sauce and aromatic herbs.

Ristorante Mimì Alla Ferrovia

Ristorante Ciro

Ristorante Amici Miei

La Taverna Del Buongustaio

Pizzeria Pellone

Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizzeria Starita

Trattoria da Nennella

Friggitoria Vomero

Pizzeria Brandi

Cantina La Barbera

Six Pub & Grill


Naples bristles with great coffee, or rather caffè, which in Naples means espresso. The most popular coffee types in Naples are caffè ristretto, caffè lungo and caffè macchiato. Often Neapolitans order a shot with their coffee, for example sambuca or whiskey.



Gran Caffè Cimmino

Caffetteria Bernini

Pasticceria Attanasio


Bar & Gelateria Augusto

Bars & Nightlife

The Neapolitan nightlife starts at 8pm in the Chiaia area. Around this time it seems like the whole neighbourhood has descended into the tiny space around via Belledonne a Chiaia for an apéritivo. Another crowded area is Piazza Bellini, especially in summer and spring time.

Enoteca Belledonne

Velvet Zone

La Mela

Arenile Reload

Frank Malone Pub

Morrigan Pub

Miami Bar Room

Cammarota Spritz


Azoth Cocktail Bar

Alter Ego Lounge Bar

Bar forturella

Hopera Cafe Novecento

Bar 24

Club Nabilah

Les Belles Choses Pub


Tabacchi Figurelle


If you want to buy fashionable clothes, accessories or jewellery, you should go to via Calabritto, via G.Filangieri, via Chiaia and via Toledo. Here you can find many fashion shops such as Bulgari, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. In the same area there are two stores notable for their local connection. One of them is called Ernesto Esposito (via Santa Caterina a Chiaia 20) which showcases the sexed-up heels created by its namesake designer, a Neapolitan who also designs shoes for Fendi, Sonia Rykiel and Via Spiga. The other one is called Marinella (Riviera di Chiaia 287), which is a tiny shop with a huge reputation for its classic men’s accessories and, especially, silk ties.

A huge flea market with good bargains is found close to the Poggioreale jail and runs from Thursday through Monday. If you are looking for typical handmade products, the best place to go is the Quartieri Spagnoli. This area still has the highest number of old craftsmen’s shops. The sophisticated, expensive Capodimonte porcelain, cameos and gouaches are particularly famous. Naples is also tied to the traditions of leather goods as well as gold and silver objects. If you are interested in buying the famous nativity scene figurines made in terracotta you should visit via San Gregorio Armeno. Here you can find all types of figurines, all made by hand.


Fashion Victim Store

Salumeria Rafele O'lattaro

Ceramiche Di Vietri

Dolce Idea

Io Sono La Chianina

Profumeria Pepino

Pepi Vintage Sunglasses

Calzature Barbi

Salumeria Regina

Gambardella Presepi

Alysa Borse e Accessori

Naples Oblige

La Smorfia di Paolella Fabio

Museum Shop

Gambardella Vincenzo

Antica Camiceria Lombardi

Vesti Casa Di Izzo Mario

Essential Information


Naples’ International Airport, Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli, is located approximately 7 kilometres from the city centre.

A special bus from the local transport company Anm, called Alibus, gets you into the city of Naples. The bus departs 250 metres from Terminal 1 every 20 minutes.

Taxis are available from outside the arrival concourse. Most taxis have fixed rates for the major destinations.

If you want to hire a car you must make an inquiry directly to the car company.

+39 081 751 6052

+39 081 780 5643

+39 081 780 2971

Address: Naples’ International Airport, Naples


Phone: +39 081 789 6259


Public Transport

The best way to get around Naples and stay sane is to walk. But since the city is quite large, sooner or later you might have to use public transport including bus and metro. It is best to avoid driving because of the heavy traffic.

UNICOCAMPANIA has an integrated fare card system to cover the whole area's public transport network. The card covers 14 different types of transportation. There are also different tourist cards depending on the purpose of your travel. Two of the companies integrated in the fare card are:

ANM (bus)
+39 800 639 525

Metronapoli (metro and funiculars)

Phone: +39 081 551 3109



The main taxi companies in Naples are:

Radio Taxi Napoli
+39 081 88 88

Radio Partenope
+39 081 01 01


Look for the yellow and blue sign to find a post office in Naples.

Address: Via della Maddalena 40, Naples

Phone: +39 081 553 0031



Naples’s chemists are usually open from Mon-Fri from 9am-1.30pm and from 3.30pm-8pm. They have different opening hours at evenings and on the weekends. Some chemists in the city centre are open 24-hours.

Farmacia Di Lullo:

Address: Via Genova 27, Naples

Phone: +39 081 268 303



Country code: +39

Area code: 081 (Naples). There is no actual area code, you always dial these digits including the zero.